The elephant in the room……

No matter where I go or where I travel he is always on my back, people see it, they hear it and sense it but no one mentions it …….it’s my curse to have ……….the elephant is so heavy some days its actually too heavy to carry on my own, so instead they accept your fake smiles and listen to your fake laughs all the while with a huge elephant on my back. Sometimes I wish someone would scream at it maybe it would listen and shrink after time, maybe I would be able to stand tall one day again like before I had depression, pride, confidence, emotions and love. Maybe if people who cared started talking about it instead of dancing around it , I want to talk about it every second of everyday as it’s my life I live.

Author: Kelslifewithdepression

I am 42 and a mother of 2 girls. I live each day the best I can and try my hardest to succeed all the while suffering with severe depression. This is a bit of my story.....

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