The slow erosion of self……

This is the post excerpt.

This is how I envision my life without depression, this is how I wish I could see the world and everything in it.  This is how I think it will look when I one day get better……the sun will always shine as when I’m better i will deserve it for all its beauty.



I never thought I’d ever try to muster courage, muster a word, muster a breath or a smile.   Today mustering was not an option, I could barely speak without wanting to choke on what I needed to say so my family didn’ think I was ignoring them.    This has nothing to do with them and it breaks my heart knowing they probably blame themselves or blame me  but it is the deep rooted sadness in my bones.  I woke with it and I shall go to bed with it, I’ll dream with it and have nightmares about it.  It’s around every corner and hiding in every empty space……it fills normal “nothings” with anger, regret and worthlessness…. feelings that repeat like a merry-go-round gone crazy, it gnaws a hole with no end…..so I go to bed and awake again to muster my way through another day…..

Her Daddy…….

The day my first born daughters father killed himself, it changed my entire life and world as I once knew it. I was and have not been the same since.  The guilt has left a permanent hole in my chest that reminds me everyday of him. When I look at her I see pieces of him……and I see her struggle,  our beautiful child  that we brought into this world…..To My Daughter… this is  not  by fault or choice  but by genetics….my child , I will always try to hug your broken pieces together so you live freely and happily.  She is an old soul in more ways than one, one who worries and stresses about things that shouldn’t bare down on anyone young and growing….

The elephant in the room……

No matter where I go or where I travel he is always on my back, people see it, they hear it and sense it but no one mentions it …….it’s my curse to have ……….the elephant is so heavy some days its actually too heavy to carry on my own, so instead they accept your fake smiles and listen to your fake laughs all the while with a huge elephant on my back. Sometimes I wish someone would scream at it maybe it would listen and shrink after time, maybe I would be able to stand tall one day again like before I had depression, pride, confidence, emotions and love. Maybe if people who cared started talking about it instead of dancing around it , I want to talk about it every second of everyday as it’s my life I live.

Tired. A poem.

So true to my world…….thank you for writing !!


I’m tired.

And my drifting aimless gaze
settles on a distant mist-like haze
that wells up continuously inside,
like savage, misplaced pride,
and makes me drop like a stone
into waters unknown.
Lost on cruel tides that wend
the capitulating ocean to its end.

So tired.

If only sleep could solve this quandary,
instead of leaving me on the periphery
of a world that spins aimlessly,
through head space and trickery,
and leaves me wanting nothing less.
And nothing more.

Just tired.

Time to leave this place.

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17 years later……

I sit in my very first ever since I started this decent into hell , psychiatrist appointment .  I’m scared, anxious , relieved to be here , and hopeful.  I spent all day at MH yesterday and initially voluntarily checked myself in with misguided information.  Not sure how someone who feels lost and desolate can stay in a cold unfeeling place for days to be assessed.  I unchecked myself out of there so fast!!  Id rather cry and be sad surrounded by my family rather than all alone , no communication or affection.  It was a sad place and was not for me, now I sit waiting with the love of my life to hope for brighter days ahead and a brighter future.